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DTE Smart Charge Program

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  • • Up to $100 in rewards*
  • • Automated charging during the best, lowest cost times
  • • Personalized dashboard with live charging tips
  • • Track your weekly home charging costs
  • • Tailored insights straight to your inbox

* New enrollees will receive a $50 gift card for signing up before September 1, 2024 and an additional $50 gift card for staying enrolled until December 2024.

How it works: evPulse is a free web app that connects your car or charger to DTE. Your charging patterns will be shared with DTE, allowing you to participate and get perks.


DTE helps you take the guesswork out of home charging.

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The best charging times occur when electricity demand is low.

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Your participation will help DTE enable a modern grid of the future.

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About evPulse

A clean transportation future

evPulse is a product of WeaveGrid. Our mission is to drive rapid decarbonization at the intersection of transportation and energy by intelligently connecting EVs to the electric grid.

Our software makes it cheaper and safer for utilities to support the growth of electric vehicles, increase renewable energy adoption, and save customers money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is evPulse?

evPulse helps EV drivers access valuable benefits, save money, and simplify their charging experience.

Is there a fee to join evPulse?

No. evPulse is free for EV drivers!

Which EVs and chargers are eligible for this program?

The Smart Charge program is only available for Teslas and not recommended for multi-unit dwellings with shared electric metering for charging. Check vehicle eligibility

Stay tuned for updates on other supported vehicle makes and chargers in the future.

Who created evPulse?

evPulse was created by WeaveGrid - founded in 2018. Details on WeaveGrid and its team can be found at

How does evPulse protect user data?

evPulse is committed to securing users’ data. While we may share relevant EV data with your energy company in order to facilitate program participation, we do not share your EV or personal data with third parties.

We maintain stringent data security and privacy protection procedures to ensure that no details about our users or their charging and driving patterns are misused or disclosed to unauthorized parties. For more details see our privacy policy.

How does evPulse collect and use data?

How does the Smart Charge program work?

Once your EV is connected in the registration process and you've been enrolled in the Smart Charge program, your charging will be optimally scheduled each time you plug in at home.

evPulse identifies the lowest-cost periods you can charge in order to meet your upcoming driving needs (while considering overall grid conditions) and automatically schedules your EV to charge during those periods.

You'll receive notifications about your upcoming schedule through your preferred method (web and/or SMS texts) and can skip your proposed charge schedule if needed.

Have other questions?

Visit our help center to learn more about the Smart Charge program.

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